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The Savior of Lothlorien 
deed list for the
Wild Mountain Goat

compiled by Calddir Lenion Nenharma
Nenharma Farms, Bree-Land, Arkenstone
The Savior of Lothlorien meta deed

Liberator of the Halls of Crafting

    * Chieftains of the Halls of Crafting Defeat
          o Ambal
          o Bashkuga
          o Thaguzg
    * Halls of Crafting Crate Investigation Collect
          o Overflowing Supply-box
          o Oddly-shaped Supply-box
          o Leaky Supply-box
          o Cracked Supply-box
          o Covered Supply-box
    * Halls of Crafting Melee Orc-slayer - Defeat melee orcs in the Hall of Crafting (150)
    * Halls of Crafting Ranged Orc-slayer - Defeat ranged orcs in the Halls of Crafting (120)

Light of Lumul-Nar

    * The Crystal Mirror-shards Collect
          o Large mirror-shard
          o Cracked mirror-shard
          o Minor mirror-shard
          o Broken mirror-shard
          o Shattered mirror-shard
    * An Evil Reflection Defeat
          o Frost-tail
          o Ergoth
    * Lumul-nar Morroval-slayer - Defeat Morroval in Lumul-Nar (360)

Scourge of Nalâ-dûm

    * Plants of the Water-works Collect
          o Unusual Plant
          o Strange Plant
          o Abnormal Plant
          o Large Plant
          o Colourful Plant
    * Enemies in Nala-dum Defeat
          o Caerlug
          o Spit-tail
    * Nala-dum Lizard Slayer - Defeat lizards in the Water-wheels (360)

Reaver of Dar Narbugud

    * Hierarchy of the Nameless Defeat
          o The Blind One
          o Mistress of Pestilence
          o Zholuga
          o Istum
          o Flagit
          o Rung
          o Blagh
    * Dar Narbugud Orc-slayer - Defeat orcs in Dar Narbugud (260)
    * Dar Narbugud Troll Slayer - Defeat trolls in Dar Narbugud (60)
    * Dar Narbugud Fungus Investigation Collect
          o Smelly, red mushroom
          o Strange, blue mushroom
          o Colourful mushroom
          o Divergent mushroom
          o Inconsistent mushroom

(This list was updated August 12, 2010)