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The Savior of Khazâd-Dûm 
deed list for the
Nimble Black Goat

compiled by Calddir Lenion Nenharma
Nenharma Farms, Bree-Land, Arkenstone
The Savior of Khazâd-Dûm meta deed

Watcher of Moria

    * Lost to the Deeps – Find the missing
          o Dwarf-merchant
          o Dwarf-miner
          o Dwarf-adventurer
          o Dwarf-warrior
    * The Vile Maw – Drive back the Watcher at
          o The Black Pool
          o The Flooded Treasury
          o Defeat the Watcher in the Water
    * The Arms of the Watcher – Kill tentacles of the Watcher in the Vile Maw (40)

The Grand Stair Deeds

    * Beasts of the Grand Stair - Defeat Wargs in the Grand Stair (180)
    * Brutes of the Grand Stair - Defeat Trolls in the Grand Stair (90)
    * Landings of the Grand Stair – Find
          o The Cave of the Slumbering Beast (71.76 N, 139.02 W)
          o Highpeak Kennels (71.1 N,137.7 W)
          o Gothghaash’s Stand (71.9 N, 138.5 W)
          o Nardur’s Station (71.7 N, 137.7 W)
          o Throne of Igash (72.5 N, 138.1 W)
    * Villains of the Grand Stair—Defeat
          o Ilzkal the Pummeler, Glothrok the Vile, Forznuk, and Gothghaash the Firecaller
          o Dorozg the Beast Tamer, The Beast, Nardur the Shield, and Igash the Fanatic
    * Followers of Igash - Defeat orcs in the Grand Stair (180)
    * Tamers of the Vile Wargs - Defeat goblins in the Grand Stairs (180)
    * Letters to Igash – Find the texts
          o Drums and the Beast
          o Highpeak Kennel Report
          o Pleas of the Loyal
          o Tome of Igash

Mastery Over Fear
(Dark Delvings and Skumfil)

    * Purifier of Skumfil
          o The Fallen Heroes – Find the
               + Filth-covered Blade
                + Ichor-covered Helm
                + Pitted Longsword
                + Eroded Dwarf-shielf
          o The Corpse Eaters – Defeat
                + Bonetooth
                + Old Gnawer
                + Rockjaw
                + Shalebiter
                + Grimreaver
          o Leaders of the Hive – Defeat
                + Uammaethor
                + Ulugon
                + Nestaduan
                + Grog
                + Grothulun
                + Brumbereth
          o The Hounds of Skumfil - Defeat cave-claws and deep-claws in Skumfil (180)
          o The Horrors with Many Legs - Defeat gredbyg in Skumfil (300)
          o The Corpse-beasts of Skumfil - Defeat Kergrim in Skumfil (120)
          o The Blighted Ones - Defeat spiders in Skumfil (180)

    * Triumph Within the Forsaken Deeps
          o Runes of the Dark Delvings – Find a
                + Sparkling Rune-stone
                + Chiseled Rune-stone
                + Ancient Rune-stone
                + Dim Rune-stone
          o Leaders of the Nameless – Defeat
                + The Void-eater
                + The Doom-speaker
                + Gurvand
          o Glow-worm Slayer - Defeat glow-worms in the Dark Delvings (180)
          o Nameless Slayer - Defeat Nameless in Dark Delvings (180)

Persevering Against the Blight
(16th Hall)

    * Corruption in Command – Defeat
          o Tramug
          o Dhurz
          o The Lost One
    * Investigating the Blight – Find a sample of
          o Virulent Spores
          o Noxious Spores
          o Infectious Spores
          o Pestilent Spores
    * Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall - Defeat orcs in the 16th Hall (180)
    * Fallen to Blight - Defeat globsnaga in 16th Hall (180)
    * Carriers of the Blight - Defeat insects in 16th Hall (180)

Marshal of the Burning Depths
(Fil Gashan and Forges of Khazad-dum)

    * Bane of Industry
          o Overseers of the Forge — Defeat
                + Narku
                + Dhaub
                + Thrug
                + Krankluk
          o Implements of the Forge – Find
                + Khazad-steel Chain
                + Khazad-iron Hammer
                + Charred Wheel-barrow
                + Ill-treated Pick-axe
          o Orcs of the Forge - Defeat orcs in the Forges (120)
          o Slaves to the Forge - Defeat goblins in the Forges (120)
          o Blinded by Fire - Defeat trolls in the Forges (60)

    * Bane of Fil Gashan
          o Heart of the Enemy – Defeat
                + Vrarz the Cook
                + Commander Greb
                + General Talug
          o Strength of the Enemy - Defeat orc-fighters in Fil Gashan (240)
          o Eyes of the Enemy - Defeat orc-skirmishers in Fil Gashan (240)
          o Arms of the Enemy – Find an
                + Orkish Breastplate
                + Orkish Pauldron
                + Orkish Mace
                + Orkish Axe

(This list was updated August 12, 2010)