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The Tempest of Dol Goldur 
Deed List for the
Galadhrim War Steed

compiled by Calddir Lenion Nenharma
Nenharma Farms, Bree-Land, Arkenstone
The Tempest of Dol Goldur meta deed

There is a New Warden in the Dungeons

    * The Warden of the Dungeons
          o Defeat the Warden

    * Liberation from the Merciless Dungeons
          o Free Hethulír
          o Free Bregrochon
          o Free Baingaleth
          o Free Thimuil
          o Free Glamrennel
          o Free Faelwen
          o Free Faenthír
          o Free Maediel
          o Free Borihon

    * Leave No One Behind
          o Rescue at least 7 prisoners at once and defeat the warded after freeing all the prisoners.

Leader of the Pack

    * Of Warg and Goblin (Warg Pens)
          o defeat Athgrat
          o defeat Kranklob

    * A Full Belly and a Nap in the Dirt (warg pens hard mode)
          o Defeat Kranklob after allowing the wargs to eath all the meat slabs throughout the warg pits of Dol Goldur.

Throwing Down Samath Gul

    * Enter the Chambers
          o Defeat Urchir
          o Defeat Alagossir
          o Defeat Gorothul

    * The Spirits are the Key
          o Defeat 20 Fell Spirits in Samath Gul

    * Bringing Down the Enemy  
          o Defeat Demafaer

Regent of the Tower

    * A Game of Death
          o Defeat Durchest
          o Defeat Cargaraf
          o Defeat Morgaraf
          o Defeat the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur

    * The Ten Guards
          o Defeat Durchest after defeating several of his personal guards

    * Two With One Blow
          o Defeat Morgaraf and Cargaraf at Barad Guldur within 10 seconds of each other

    * King of the East
          o Defeat the Lieutenant of Dol Goldur before defeating his fell beat mount.

Glory in the Sword-hall of Dul Guldur 
(not listed in the in game meta deed, may or may not be required to complete the meta deed)

    * Complete Enter the Arena
          o Defeat Urcheron
          o Defeat Carchrien
          o Defeat Durkar

    * Complete Battle Royale
          o Defeat all of the champions of the Sword-hall of DG after challenging them all at once

(This list was updated August 12, 2010)